Outdoor Advertising


HAVOC MEDIA GROUP uses a surgical approach to analyze the most effective campaign to meet your business goals and needs. Experience with outdoor media and digital billboard advertising, we have turned things around and discovered a way to offer luxury for less.

Outdoor media and digital billboard advertising has been a staple of the advertising industry for a long time. While studies have shown that 72 percent of billboard viewers shop on their way home and 68 percent make shopping decisions while in their car.

In addition, digital billboards, also referred to as digital outdoor boards and LED billboards have been getting a lot of attention in the outdoor advertising industry. This is simply because it’s an effective and efficient approach unlike any other. Digital billboards allow you to easily change your message; display your ads at different times of the day or even rotate your ad several times a month.

We provide billboard placements for a variety of different locations in Central Florida that will get you thousands of viewers a day, with major roads like East Colonial or North Alafaya Trail available; including 7 digital billboard units near UCF, on I-4, and near Restaurant Row.

We will work with you to reach the most desired demographic for your billboard. Based on things such as age, income, location, gender, and hobbies.  With our in house graphic designers, your designs will get noticed with clean, big, bold, and simple designs.

Take a look at our wide variety of locations. We are currently operating in the Central Florida area. We are always increasing the size of our network and continuously expanding to help add to your exposure!

Try this true and guaranteed method for attracting customers today!


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